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PREMIERE: Bad Proxy's latest drop reanimates our inner artificial intelligence

'Reanimation' connects with those who feel lost, transporting them into a new world.

Glitchy, industrial sounds pair with vocals that transport listeners into a new reality to form Bad Proxy's latest release: Reanimation.

This self-released track encompasses listeners into a futuristic universe that Bad Proxy has continued to develop through his last three releases. Dubstep FBI is proud to give listeners a sneak peek by premiering Reanimation, a track that connects fans with the audiovisual experience of his brand.

Bad Proxy has quickly grown into a recognizable artist after songs such as Cyber Syndicate and High Octane have established his darkened corner of the EDM world.

"This project's main goal is to connect with those who feel lost and hopefully reach out to them in a way that helps transport them to a new world," Bad Proxy said.

Bad Proxy's creative identity tells the story of an A.I.'s mind being downloaded into a suit, awakening in a digital world. Reanimation's futuristic midtempo sounds push forward the story of the A.I. advancing both physically and mentally.

While listening to the track, imagine the A.I. on a journey, helping Earthlings escape their dark and painful world. This message relates to the feelings of many of us today, sometimes lost in a slew of bad news and uncertain future due to the environment around us.

"The vocals are a call to action seeing if the people of Earth have what it takes to join his world and escape this reality as referred to as “the dark."

Bad Proxy's reanimation allows him to see that he needs to help the people from Earth escape their “false reality” and join him in his.

"Very recently, I feel like a lot of people over the last year and a half have experienced these feelings," Bad Proxy said. "He considers this a false reality and aims to combine the two worlds in the future."

Reanimation is just one of the colorful chapters in what we see as a screenplay for Bad Proxy's brand identity. As creators and artists, we respect his ability to transport listeners into this new reality and to produce music that allows us to escape, even just for the length of a three-minute song.

We will be watching and listening closely to Bad Proxy as he develops this world full of characters, story archs and surprises, a path that uniquely separates him within the EDM scene.

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