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Bad Proxy hard codes 'Viper Optics' into the digital listening dystopia age

Gaining traction quickly in the scene, this mind-hack single is Proxy's biggest to date.

With already two singles out this year, Bad Proxy is releasing his third single, Viper Optics on March 18. With an industrial, tech-dominated, dystopia sound and digital interface vibe, this release showcases how Bad Proxy is looking to recreate the sounds of mid-tempo bass music.

As known through Bad Proxy's story, this is the arc called Chapter 8, where the main characters Bad Proxy and E.O.N. (an A.I. figure accompanying this digital journey) find out that the digital world they built is larger than they anticipated.

Bad Proxy has completely reinvented his sound and style from his previous alias, and it is a visual and sound experience unlike others we have seen coming into the scene.

Over the last eight months, Proxy has developed his brand into a full audio-visual experience which he showcases on his socials, as well as during his sets. If you have not seen them, they are some of the highest production-value visuals in the game.

With his digital world named Octavia, he has landed support from Bear Grillz and RUDE SERVICE, and has seen support from Vampa, Swarm and Tokyo Machine. He also has plans for multiple singles, collabs, and EPs in the coming year. 2022 releases will coincide with new story arcs, collab crossovers and new characters.

We will be keeping him on our Dubstep FBI radar and Watch List heavily.


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