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5-day festival Big Dub is loaded with dubstep's hottest artists

Big Dub Festival makes a return to the Four Quarters Farm for its 11th year anniversary.

With a main focus on some of bass music's hottest up-and-comers, the Big Dub lineup is also stacked full with some of the biggest names in bass music.

Rising artists included on the lineup are Layz, Lyk Magik, SYTHYST and FENX. Some major acts on the lineup are Kompany, Jessica Audiffred, Calcium, and Boogie T b2b Dirt Monkey.

Check out the full lineup below:


"We like to keep our ear to the ground and listen to lots of music to determine who we think the next big artists will be," said one of the festival organizers. "We select recognizable names to help generate hype around the overall lineup, but our focus is dedicated to showcasing 'on the rise' artists who present a unique show or sound."

For those who haven't had the chance to experience this legendary festival, the venue is located in the foothills of Pennsylvania and offers one of the most beautiful landscapes in the Appalachian Mountains.

Big Dub Festival is the only event east of the Mississippi to offer 5 days of content and is the longest-running event of consecutive years in the northeast. And if that isn't enough to convince you to attend, their main stage is actually located in a stone circle that was erected over the past 30 years by the Four Quarters.

This year, Big Dub Festival will be featuring many local artists including glass blowers, painters/canvas artists, and a wide variety of food trucks.

Don't forget to snag your tickets and camping passes, and be sure to check out their survival guide here.

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