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Crankdat gives a masterclass on modern electro with 'Move Back' on Monstercat

Sir-remix-a-lot is back at it again with more ground-shaking electro, this time accompanied by the legendary MC, Savage.

The torch-bearer for electro in 2022 released his long awaited collab with Savage, Move Back, out now on Monstercat.

Crankdat has been busy for much of the past two years making bootleg after bootleg of really popular songs, and he's really great at that. However, we can't forget songs like Power Stone or Ding Dong from 2022.

Those two, along with many of the remixes set the stage for the style of this song, particularly Ding Dong.

Much like in Ding Dong and Power Stone, we get a filthy bassline, but this time Savage is on the track, which adds so much hype. Through the first drop, the dubstep influences are more subtle, but when we reach the second drop, the song goes into half time and we get some head-banging dubstep.

Crankdat told us a little about the song and his excitement to have such an iconic voice on his track.

“The demo of this song was originally titled Ride the Bull, because to me it sounded like some Spanish Mariachi Matador stuff, Crankdat said. I’ve loved Swing and Freaks for a long time, so I was all about working with Savage.”

Move Back is the third single from Crankdat's EP which will be dropping later this year on Monstercat. The third time seems to have been a charm, and we can't wait for the full EP to drop.


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