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Decadon's 'Fragile State of Mind': A sneak peek into the 'Lovely Destruction'

Dive into the world of rockstep as Decadon offers a taste of his upcoming album

Decadon's 'Fragile State Of Mind' is out now

Hailing from Denver, Colorado, Decadon is a musician known for his incredible multi-instrumental talents. We first discovered Decadon at Colorado's largest EDM festival, Decadence, where he shredded the guitar on stage and seamlessly blended rock and EDM.

Now, as the Dubstep FBI, we felt it was our duty to dive into Decadon's latest single, 'Fragile State of Mind,' a teaser from his upcoming album, 'Lovely Destruction,' set to release in February 2024.

"Love or darkness?" That was the question Decadon grappled with during the inception of the album. Eventually, he decided to embrace both aspects, creating a beautiful fusion of contrasting emotions, hence the title, Lovely Destruction.

Decadon's journey took some unexpected twists and turns. He shelved the project temporarily, unable to find the right vision for the record. However, after a year or so, he returned to the project with newfound clarity.

"After giving it a year or so, and reopening the project at a time in my life that was filled with more answers, vision, foundation & love, I finished it in one session. It all just flowed," said Decadon. "You can really hear the push and pull in Fragile. One of my favorite pieces to date. Crank this one as loud as you can."

Fragile State of Mind sets the stage for what fans can expect from the full album. According to Decadon, "It finally feels truly me."

Decadon at Global Dance Music Festival

Additionally, Decadon has shared that his roots in rock music shine through in this album. He has placed the guitar front and center in his productions, allowing it to guide the songwriting process from the very beginning.

He sums it up like this: "Expect some rockstep."

As the year draws to a close, Decadon is on fire, having played killer sets at Lost Lands and Supernatural. And guess what? He's about to bring that same energy to Ember Shores in Cancun.

Decadon at Lost Lands 2023

There also might be just a few more singles making their way into your playlists before the year ends... but we won't spill all the beans just yet.

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