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Dream Team Alert: Kumarion and Slang Dogs drop new single 'You Ain't Tough' on Bassrush Records

The collab we've been waiting for is finally here, and it's just as wild as we wished for.

Denver-based drum 'n' bass trail-blazer Kumarion teamed up with California-based power-duo Slang Dogs to give us a long anticipated collaboration, and it's called You Ain't Tough.

You Ain't Tough is both a DnB and halftime track that seamlessly blends together Kumarion's and Slang Dogs' unique styles. The Bassrush Records release merges badass drum and bass elements with dark, prominent basslines to scratch every itch we need it to.

The menacing vocal chant of "You Ain't Tough" throughout the track sends out the message that Kumarion and Slang Dogs were out for blood with this one.

"It's me and boys' first collab, I've been hyped to work with them for a while," Kumarion said.

Having known each other for quite some time, it's surprising these producers haven't worked together prior to this track. Even though this collab may have been long overdue, it was well worth the wait.

"Glad we finally got to do something together, plus the artwork is crazy."

Kumarion has been in the forefront of the U.S drum and bass movement, pushing to grow the scene as it's been a genre that the EDM community here has been undeniably sleeping on until recently. Since his take-off single (Give It To Me Like I) Want it, he's released banger after banger.

Last year, he toured with his DnB partner in crime, REAPER and appeared on an impressive amount of festival lineups, including Okeechobee, Bass Canyon and Wakaan. Currently in the process of writing an album and with an upcoming co-headline tour with Smoakland, Kumarion clearly has no intent of slowing down this year.

Slang Dogs, your mom's favorite west-coast bass music duo, have already started off 2023 hot too. They dropped their official remix of Kayzo's Dead Awake at the end of January, accompanied Buku and G-Rex on the Dual Continuum Tour and are supporting the legend Peekaboo this Saturday for his 360 degree set at the Hollywood Palladium.

With two projects in the works, including an EP that will show their versatility with a new style and the other a collaborative EP, Slang Dogs had a message for us.

"Wait till you hear what we have coming this year, and the shit we have planned for ourselves."

It can't go without mentioning the equally as impressive artwork for this release. The cover art for this track was made by Northern-California based artist @hnd.drwn.

"Power of higher intellect is what the two serpents represent. Serpents being mercurial by nature as are our minds," He elaborated. "The artwork was made using a unity of physical and digital mediums to reach one goal. Whether it's unity of our minds or collaboration through art, we can achieve and connect with each other and ourselves better than ever."

Hnddrwn (Daniil) has been designing cover art and merchandise for Slang Dogs for years.

"I enjoy doing artwork for my friends and seeing where it's all going towards as all this work collects over the years. Putting just the right amount of time and care in every piece assures every release is worth paying attention to. With every project we do, we only get better and better. I'm excited to be on this journey."

He also creates his own art and apparel, which you can find on his website.

There's no doubt that Kumarion and Slang Dogs will keep taking the bass music scene by storm this year, and after listening to their wicked track, You Ain't Tough, we hope to see more collaborations between them in the future.

Steam You Ain't Tough now on all platforms via Bassrush Records.


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