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EXCLUSIVE: Riot Ten & Stoutty's side project 'Pushing Daizies' drops new remix

Our agents have obtained a copy of the new Pushing Daizies remix of 'Wish I Could Forget' by SLANDER x blackbear x Bring Me The Horizon.

Pushing Daizies has emerged after nearly one year with a new remix of SLANDER, blackbear and Bring Me The Horizon's song, Wish I Could Forget.

In case you weren't aware, Pushing Daizies is the side project featuring Riot Ten and Stoutty. We have the exclusive release on this remix, you can take a listen down below.

The duo's distinct branding features a daisy that they say represents both simple beauty and sadness. It's a symbol that all beautiful things must come to an end, but represented in a way so that both happiness and sadness are captured in their songs.

“Once we heard “I Wish I Could Forget” we knew it would be perfect for us to put our twist on it," Riot Ten said. "Big chords, huge melody, phenomenal vocals, what’s not to love.”

The Pushing Daizies project hasn’t completely evolved yet, though. It's going through some logo and branding changes in order to maintain parallels with their style of music.

“Super excited to get this project going again, we have so much music we can’t wait to share with everyone and it starts with this remix 💙 we hope you guys love it,” Stoutty said.

The duo told us that they have a "variety of new music on the way," with newer songs having big melodies and bigger chord progressions.

And, our agents have confirmed that this remix is SLANDER approved. Listen to SLANDER, blackbear & Bring Me The Horizon - Wish I Could Forget (Pushing Daizies Remix) on SoundCloud.


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