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FBI Premiere: DOIL brings the bass with new track 'Rise Of The Machines'

We will not be liable for any neck damage caused by this track. Please send any insurance claims to DOIL. Thank you for your understanding.

Our favorite Norwegian wünderkind, DOIL has given us yet another slammer with his new track Rise Of The Machines. We have an exclusive sneak peek at the track below.

DOIL is one of few who can say they have had an FBI Premiere as a teenager, but this track shows exactly what he has in his locker as a producer. He has been releasing music officially since he was only 17 years old, and the progression from his first release in 2021 to now shows the sky is the limit for DOIL.

You get everything you want from a heavy dubstep track with Rise of the Machines. It showcases a fantastic flow, all the heaviness you could ask for, gnarly sustain basses and some very forward thinking sound design.

DOIL is very proud of this track and shared some of his excitement for the release.

Rise of the Machines is my favorite track I have ever made. It’s a little weird, a little rave-y and pretty heavy. It’d be great to have a cool backstory behind it, but honestly I just thought it was be super cool. I really hope everyone enjoys it!

Don't take our word for it, though. You can have an early listen below. Stay tuned for further investigation.


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