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FBI PREMIERE: Kleøpatra's new metal-dubstep stomper, 'Wasted,' feat. Gtheshep

We're sharing the first listen of the latest single from one of the female artists on our 2023 Watch List.

We love supporting and hyping up women in electronic dance music. That especially goes for our fellow female headbangers.

Kleøpatra's been gaining traction lately in the heavy bass world for her sound styles that offer soul-rendering, subsonic bass. She's known for recent releases on Subsidia and Emengy, as well as her collabs with artists like Jaysyx and Sayto.

Now, she's coming right out the 2023 gate swinging with a self-released single called Wasted that blends metal elements and vocals.

The song is one of her heaviest works to date and the energy starts from the beginning with a vocal by Gtheshep. Wasted then picks up with a chugging guitar riff and a screamed vocal before the track descends into pandemonium.

Once the train left the station with the first drop, there was no slowing this one down. There is a short interlude before another buildup into more organized chaos for the second drop.

Kleopatra told us that Wasted instantly worked out when Gtheshep hopped on it.

"I made the song about five months ago," she said. "It's definitely one of the heavier tracks I've made! Gtheshep is a good friend of mine and I always love working with him. It was awesome to be able to add some metal elements into the track with the vocals and they added a bunch of energy!"

Don't take our word for it, though. We highly suggest investigating this one further, but have a neck brace prepared. Wasted drops everywhere at midnight and will be available on all streaming platforms January 11.


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