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Figure's 'Raining Blood' feat. Planet Blood hits Sounds of Mayhem

These legends pay tribute to Slayer's iconic metal anthem

In the realm where the Dubstep FBI would typically be chasing down the most wanted criminals, today we’re opening up a new case file: 'Raining Blood' unleashed by Figure featuring Planet Blood.

This track, which just dropped on the infamous Sounds of Mayhem, isn’t your typical underground dubstep or metal fusion; it’s a ground-shaking tribute to Slayer’s iconic metal anthem.

Channeling the spirit of one of thrash metal's most legendary tracks, Raining Blood retains the bone-chilling essence of the original while diving headfirst into the world of modern dubstep.

For those of you who have not heard the original, listen below.

It’s a blend of two worlds seemingly at odds, woven together seamlessly by Figure’s touch that we all love and crave.

Figure disclosed how Slayer's original anthem ignited his passion for metal at the age of 10.

"My older Metal Head cousin made me a dubbed tape to take to summer camp, and Raining Blood was the first track," Figure said. "I listened to that song over and over until I had no batteries left for my cassette player. I have been playing the original in my sets for almost a decade, the mix I have been doing melds together so perfectly that people always thought it was my remix."

Meanwhile, Planet Blood brings his own brand of intensity to the table, channeling the spirit of metal through his commanding vocals.

"‘I had an incredible time working on this track with Figure and paying tribute to one of the most iconic songs ever written by one of our favorite bands," Planet Blood said.

As our agents conclude this investigation, one thing is clear: Figure and Planet Blood have crafted a tribute worthy of its legendary predecessor.

Raining Blood not only pays homage to Slayer's masterpiece but thrusts it into the forefront of metal-infused bass music. With each drop and riff, Figure and Planet Blood summon the spirit of metal, infusing it with the pulsating energy of dubstep.


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