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Gather around: Knights of the Round Table Vol. 6 is finally here

30 tracks, 44 artists, and a whole lot of bass

Knights of the round table Vol. 6

So, you've been warned: our agents at Dubstep FBI have been on the prowl, and we've got our sights set on the latest culprit in the scene – Knights of the Round Table Vol. 6. The alleged crime syndicate behind the madness? None other than Disciple Round Table.

They came out swinging with their Knights of the Round Table Vol. 6, and this compilation is packed tighter than a moshpit at a Versa set.

As soon as we laid eyes on the comp, we couldn't help but feel hyped seeing a few of our favorite artists getting their well-deserved shine. From Sharks to Izadi, Kryture to Bizo, Chibs to Cromatik, Bandlez to SubDocta, the compilation reads like a who's who of the bass scene.

And let's not forget about the newcomers like Marcix, WELON, Dyatic, and resurge, who are definitely ones to watch.

The compilation kicks off with 'Closer' by Graphyt, hitting us with hardstyle kicks that were so unexpected, we spilled my coffee all over the case files. But hey, no harm done – just a little extra fuel for the investigation.

As we made our way through the tracklist, we found ourselves nodding along to 'Won't Get Lost' by NVADRZ, dropping it low with 'Phantom' by Kryture & Sam Lamar, and mastering the 'Art of Jumping' with MOB X MIKESH!FT.

"It was exciting to work with one of the best upcoming producers in the game right now," MIKESH!FT said. "His workflow is insane and it was a fun challenge to find how I could subtly add my own flair to square 4."

And don't even get us started on the Genesis VIP by Bainbridge – that VIP is straight-up illegal.

Let's not overlook the absolute bangers like '6 Feet Under' by Decimate, Blankface, Bloodthinnerz, and Xae. That track had us jumping so high, we might as well have been six feet over the ground.

As we kept moving through the compilation, another standout for us was 'Death Row' by ECRAZE & Bizo with vocals from Emily Stiles. Both artists are constantly impressing us with their innovative sound designs.

"It's always a pleasure to work with Ecraze," Bizo said. "Death Row is one of those tracks that was mostly done really fast in one studio session. When it got picked up by Disciple, we knew we needed vocals. That's how Emily Stiles got on board; she's a great singer, and we loved what she did on the track."

Other heavy hitters at the FBI HQ were 'Dodgeball' by Deucez & Blade and 'The Booze Bandits' by SQISHI & YUNIT. SQISHI has been on the run ever since we cited him for picking his boogers and eating them. If anyone has seen him, please send us tips. If I kept going through every track, we would be here all day but ain't no nobody got time for that.

So, what's the verdict? Knights of the Round Table Vol. 6 is guilty as charged. Guilty of assaulting our senses with pure, unadulterated filth. Guilty of reminding us why we fell in love with dubstep in the first place. And guilty of leaving us craving more.

So, Disciple Round Table, consider this your warning – the Dubstep FBI is on your tail, and we're hungry for more.


  1. Closer - Graphyt

  2. Brig Of Dread - Nosphere

  3. Subterranean - Sharks

  4. Death Row (Feat. Emily Stiles) - ECRAZE & Bizo

  5. Phantom - Kryture & Sam Lamar

  6. Brain Rot - Bandlez

  7. The Art Of Jumping - MOB X MIKESH!FT

  8. Won't Get Lost - NVADRZ

  9. Astral - Izadi

  10. daemones in fenestra - BAW

  11. Genesis (VIP) - BAINBRIDGE

  12. Gump Town - Marcix

  13. Execute - OG Nixin

  14. 6 Feet Under - Decimate x Blankface x Bloodthinnerz x Xae

  15. plinko - resurge & roi*

  16. XXXX Gold - Yoked

  17. Can't Deny - BeutNoise

  18. Swag Dads - SubDocta & Computa

  19. Tremble - Moley & VoXoN

  20. Riddim Alarm - XAEBOR

  21. Spud - Chibs x Duffeey

  22. toop - Loompaskettee


  24. The Booze Bandits - SQISHI & YUNIT

  25. On The Edge - Dyatic & Rettchit & Robbie Rosen

  26. Astral Projection - VAMPA & Cromatik


  28. sword logic - NRVE

  29. Dodgeball - Deucez x Blade


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