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Hexx emerges from the riddim underground for her international debut

Mixing OG with modern, she'll be performing in Mexico City as support for Aweminus, Syzy & Bommer on May 4.

hexx playing live

Chops, double-drops and high knees.

That's what Hexx has become known to deliver.

She's a rising riddim artist out of Los Angeles, and she's making her international debut in Mexico City this May.

Hexx is building a reputation as one of the must-see, upcoming female acts in bass music. Not only did she prove that during her powerful support set for Infekt's 1720 LA show earlier this year, but she's going to do it again, and again, this spring.

She's playing the Aweminus show on May 4 at Pasaguero, nestled in Mexico City's historic El Centro District. When our agents experienced the CDMX riddim scene first-hand in February, we realized it was a bubbling pot of pure passion.

It's the perfect place for Hexx to cast her spell.

Hexx said she's beyond excited for her international debut.

"I feel very blessed to be playing alongside such artists like Aweminus, Syzy, Bommer and Mexico's very own, Sassy, for my first out of the country show," Hexx said. "They should expect tons of dubplates, double drops and most importantly, high knees, because I am going old school on this one."

And while she told us that she's eager to see the Mexican riddim culture in action, it's clear that she's also keeping the scene alive here in America as well.

hexx playing at TK lounge in Tampa

Hexx is one of the co-founders of the Witches Dubstep Collective, a brand that elevates rising artists through a mix series and compilations. She founded it with her good friend and fellow female producer, Maia.

"Our goal is to create a space for rising underground talent to display their musical art, mixing skills or upcoming projects," Hexx said. "A great way to do that is by submitting a mix to be showcased on our guest mix series ‘Sorcery Sessions,’ as well as by applying for compilations."

With March being Women's History Month, there's no better time for the female dubstep community to show support and belief in one another.

Don't miss Hexx's Mexico debut on the Aweminus Space Parts Tour on May 4 at Pasaguero. TICKETS ARE ON SALE NOW!


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