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LAYZ drops some knowledge following her latest headlining performance

As the week has passed we're still feeling the effects of heavy bass brought to Orange County, CA.

Following LAYZ latest performance and catching her set up close and behind the decks, it's easy to see why this young star has so much hype surrounding her.

Dropping banger after banger from those that are known the world over to tracks still awaiting their release, this set was one for the ages. Not only was the crowd filled with intensity and seemingly fixed for the entirety of the set, but the mosh pits were plentiful.

Prior to her long-awaited performance, we were graced with an interview with the one bringing the thunder to California. Hear what she had to say in this condensed version:

What have been some of your favorite experiences over the past year during your astronomical rise in the community?

"When it comes to festivals and shows I would say that not only my love for traveling to other cities have been memorable, but meeting the fans and having a true conversation with them. Before I would tell someone like Megalodon that someday I wanted to do music one day, so