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LAYZ drops some knowledge following her latest headlining performance

As the week has passed we're still feeling the effects of heavy bass brought to Orange County, CA.

Following LAYZ latest performance and catching her set up close and behind the decks, it's easy to see why this young star has so much hype surrounding her.

Dropping banger after banger from those that are known the world over to tracks still awaiting their release, this set was one for the ages. Not only was the crowd filled with intensity and seemingly fixed for the entirety of the set, but the mosh pits were plentiful.

Prior to her long-awaited performance, we were graced with an interview with the one bringing the thunder to California. Hear what she had to say in this condensed version:

What have been some of your favorite experiences over the past year during your astronomical rise in the community?

"When it comes to festivals and shows I would say that not only my love for traveling to other cities have been memorable, but meeting the fans and having a true conversation with them. Before I would tell someone like Megalodon that someday I wanted to do music one day, so the full-circle moment is insane. As long as you're consistent with your project and branding you'll be good!"

What would you say are some of the main differences between being an attendee at a show or festival to being an artist and all the behind-the-scene logistics that happen to put those shows together?

"As a festival-goer before I was even an artist, being on the rail has been my favorite part of it all. Waiting until the end of the show to hopefully meet the artists while wearing their merch was always a big deal. Lately I've definitely taken some time away from being so deep in the crowd because what it ultimately comes down to is feeling safe and comfortable in the environment that you go there strictly to enjoy the whole experience.

The LAYZ project has undoubtedly gained an incredible amount of recognition by playing at venues all over the world. Who would you say are some of your biggest inspirations today as you continue to develop and expand your signature sound?

I want to start off by saying that Vastive is number one! He's a homie of mine and he always inspires me to keep pushing and working. RZRKT is absolutely killing the game right now also. Stoned Level, man everything he makes I love. It's so hard to narrow it down, but these guys always inspire me to be better and keep pushing to be the best version of myself as an artist!

Your mix for the Riot Control Radio series still has the most plays by far across all five seasons for Dubstep FBI, filled with IDs that have since been released. What can fans expect from you in the near future?

Something I'm working on that's exciting to be able to show the world my craft is my upcoming debut EP. This work's whole focus is the next level of LAYZ and what I mean by that is not to follow the same template of song construction. I plan to tell a story and let the fans connect to it in their own way. My plan is to do something different with the visuals and I truly hope the fans enjoy it!



Be sure to follow LAYZ on all of her socials below to stay up to date with her shows happening this week and the near future! This Thursday (8/4) she takes over the extravagant Brooklyn Mirage venue with Excision, Sullivan King, Kompany and Vastive. This Saturday (8/6), Moonrise Festival is sure to be a special hometown set as well so be sure to purchase last-minute tickets and don't miss out!


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