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Mega Collab 'Pantheon' makes long-awaited debut

Ophelia Records' 100th release features seven artists on the same label spanning several genres.

The Filthy Beat Inspectors are always listening and on the look out for the latest heavy-hitting beats in the bass music community. Recently, the walls of our departments have been housing agents who are always on the lookout for something more...something different.

Already establishing themselves as one of the most prominent labels in all of dance music, Ophelia Records celebrates their 100th release with a collaboration that has taken the world by storm since label boss Seven Lions debuted it last year for the EDC LV Rave-a-thon livestream.

This one is an absolute weapon of a track, containing all the unique sounds of some of the biggest names in dubstep and trance, let alone the record label. Giving a platform for artists to not only grow their brand but to also further develop their sounds are just few of the many things that Ophelia has given to their signed artists.

Seven Lions dropping Pantheon during his set at Nocturnal Wonderland 2021.

The perfect composition of both Psytrance and Dubstep, Seven Lions combines his renowned sound with trance titans Jason Ross, Blastoyz, and Dimibo as well as the dons of dubstep Wooli, Kill the Noise and Trivecta. The kicks and heavy drops of both genres that make up Pantheon gather every ounce of attention in the room, or better yet of each festival ear. From the ass-shaking tempo of trance and the ground-shaking bass from dubstep, Ophelia truly has outdone themselves and can seemingly do no wrong.

Featuring seven of the largest acts on the label, the track weaves through psytrance, riddim, melodic dubstep and more to showcase each artist’s styles and a whopping 6 distinct drops.

With such a milestone release, the future looks brighter than ever for this relatively young label. Check out the music video for Pantheon below!

Additionally, this release serves as the kickoff for Ophelia's first ever label tour, the Pantheon tour. With multiple support acts at iconic venues across the entire nation, this is one tour that you definitely won't want to miss as it is sure to satisfy your musical taste buds. Check out the dates and how to secure tickets below!


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