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Nimbvs release cinematic future bass journey 'Mirrors'

The duo are back with another excursion in cinematic bass.

Nimbvs have returned with yet another melodic masterpiece, Mirrors, out now on all platforms.

The Florida-based duo have been busy this year with three releases to their name, with all of those three releases being melodic. The next stage of the Nimbvs project will be entirely cinematic, much like the rest of their releases earlier this year.

Nimbvs told us about Mirrors and what to expect from them in the future with regards to their music.

Mirrors is a song that is all about self reflection and getting through even the toughest of obstacles in life. It was the first song we’ve been taking into a new epic cinematic inspired sound that we’re insanely stoked to start sharing over the next year, Nimbvs said.

The record is like if Hans Zimmer cooked up a trap leaning film score in Ableton. Just try to picture the penultimate scene from Inception, Interstellar, Dune or any other of the masterpieces the composer has worked on, but with Mirrors as the soundtrack.

The sky is the limit for these two. Stay tuned for further investigations.


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