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Nosphere scorches into 2024 with his new 'Trailblazer' EP on Bypass Audio

Nosphere is red hot as the five-track EP includes some of his finest work to date, and is a must-listen for fans craving the ultimate feelings of heavy bass.  

Nosphere and Bypass Audio EP

Nosphere hails from Hungary and self identifies as a “noise architect” and CEO of darkness. 

His latest Trailblazer EP on Bypass Audio proves why.

Not only has he delivered five forward-thinking gems, but he's reinforced why he should be on everyone's 2024 Watch List. Even Skrillex has been playing out a Nosphere edit, which means we all should take note.

Datastream is one of the hottest songs off the Trailblazer EP. The futuristic space-like introduction and chord progressions make listeners feel like they are blasting off through an '80s time capsule just before the absolutely filthy, ground-shaking bass hits for the neck breaking drop.

Defense System is another ethereal track off the EP with powerful chord progressions and space vibes throughout. Once the defense system is powered online, the drop doesn’t disappoint. 

Pure Evil is the only collaboration on the EP with up and coming artist Exille. The two artists pair perfectly as they bring listeners through a slaughter of sound.

Nosphere live at Balaton Sound

Nosphere, who is truly a pioneer of sound in his own right, cites Adam and Eve of modern day dubstep his top two musical inspirations. 

“My 2 biggest actual bass music inspirations were Virtual Riot and Barely Alive when they released everything on Disciple back in 2013-2014. I remember wanting to be like them and I was always so hyped to check the Disciple soundcloud whenever I got home from school. Fun times!”

Those really were the good old days. Dubstep on yellow school buses. 

Nosphere was originally founded in 2017 as a duo with high school friend Thomas, but the producers had different ideas and split shortly after in 2018. Nosphere continued on with the project and began releasing on major labels beginning January 2019. After the first release, the rest was history. 

The Nosphere project racked up releases on almost every major dubstep label through the COVID break. 

Nosphere’s next goals are to expand his project so that he can move to the United States to pursue the American dubstep dream like so many international DJ’s have already, such as Blanke, SIPPY and Marauda, to name a few.


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