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PHOR releases his first LP, featuring collabs with Exille, macdotwav, Spellthief

This 14-track project marks the Denver producer's debut album, and it's backed by Akirah, Kai Wachi, HE$H & more.

PHOR has just released his debut album in the form of 14 fresh tunes that capture spirit and camaraderie.

This project, called THE PHOR LP Vol. 001, features three collaborations in the form of songs with Exille, macdotwav and Spellthief.

PHOR has released nearly one song per month for the last two-plus years. Upon further investigation, we have found this LP to be some of his best and most diverse work.

His collaboration with Exille stands out as a gory, futuristic riddim tune that will melt your face off. It's called MANGLE and it's quite possibly one of the most charming tunes on the project.

It's a masterpiece we'd expect to hear in the depths of the Caverns at our favorite death-themed, Tennessee dubstep festival.

"I met Exille through Spellthief," PHOR said. "I learned so much from this dude. He is an absolute wizard in the DAW and one of the most underrated producers of the underground."

PHOR also had good things to say about working with macdotwav because of how he was challenged to try something new.

"Working with macdotwav was one of my favorite collaborations I've ever done," PHOR said. "He really made me jump out of my comfort zone... One day he randomly sent me a project to work on. It inspired me so much that it was finished within about 18 hours."

Some of the best songs are made in a flash. What we love to see on this LP is a project with fellow Denver native, Spellthief. He and PHOR have become some of the most respected producers in our scene lately.

"Working with Spellthief has always been a blast and he is one of the easiest artists to work with," PHOR said. "Our work flows are very similar and we have also lived with each other for a number of years now. Everyday is a friendly competition and we each push one another beyond belief. 

Have you heard of Bourbon Gang?

It's the collective co-founded by PHOR and Togel consisting of over 20 rising producers. It serves as a support group for artists around the world who consider each other family.

The Bourbon Gang roster includes Togel, PHOR, Crucible, K!NDLY, Spellthief, Arbityr, Exille, Zyn, Trippy dubz, YOTO, Fluke, NMLV, Naifer, Krazz, Ophion, Invoy, Aggro, Danno, Jox, Swampz, Valak, Skxlvtor and Motar. 

These artists continue to show support for THE PHOR LP Vol. 001, and we love to see them around town and in the background of PHOR's Club Studio Time episode.

Leadership and entrepreneurialism are just a few of the reasons PHOR has earned a spot in the "Incoming Class" of dubstep producers.


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