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PREMIERE ALERT: Ophion, Jmoss team up for ferocious collab, 'Nemesis,' on Bypass Audio

Two of the dubstep underground's brightest stars are delivering a proper riddim slapper.

Get those high knees and finger guns ready, y'all.

Ahead of the release of Bypass Audio's Volume 2 compilation, we've been bestowed the honor of investigating an absolutely vicious collab from Jmoss and Ophion, titled Nemesis.

The track comes out firing from the jump with a nasty quarter-note drop that seamlessly melds Jmoss and Ophion's unique styles. The drop is peppered with futuristic sound effects that complement the pulsing main bassline and rattling sustain bass.

The first drop transitions directly into another buildup that culminates in a pleasantly surprising speed-house drop. This section kicks the track's energy into overdrive and gives it a fresh, clubby feel.

The midsection of the track calls back to the intro with an ethereal melody that builds into a cataclysmic fake-out drop. This drop introduces a violent, rapid-fire bass pattern that is sure to be a crowd-pleaser at any dubstep function.

Jmoss and Ophion have each made a significant impact on the underground riddim/dubstep scene over the past few years. The pair recently performed individual opening sets for Prosecute's headline debut in Denver a few weeks ago, and Jmoss also made his festival debut last October at Svdden Death's inaugural Summoning of the Eclipse Festival at The Caverns in Pelham, TN.

Nemesis is just a taste of what's to come on the stacked, 14-track Volume 2 compilation from Bypass Audio. The compilation features tracks from artists like Veros, Domatix, Kause, DELCHERRO, Disinety, Dead, Skxlvtor, SHOCKPOINT, VYDE, Tabarnak, Lex, Ironhide and GENES!S.

Bypass Audio: Compilation 002 will be available to stream on all platforms July 31.


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