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PREMIERE: Dino Shadix Drops An Obliterating Track on GRL GANG’S ‘WRECK THE HALLS VOL.3’

Dino Shadix’s 'Distorted Dino' sets the tone for the highly anticipated compilation with a transcendental take on dubstep.

GRL GANG is blessing us with the third installment of their annual 'WRECK THE HALLS ' compilation. The opening track, 'Distorted Dino' by Dino Shadix, reflects a meticulous and hard-line production style that’s very much in alignment with the rest of the compilation. Complete with thunderclap bass and remorseless drops, 'Distorted Dino' surpasses the boundaries of the traditional dubstep genre.

'WRECK THE HALLS' incorporates various influences including bass, house, and dnb; giving us a dynamic range of genres with a subversive take on each one. Exclusively featuring rising talent in EDM, this incendiary compilation showcases these artist's latest work. This includes tracks from the likes of Onumi, Kendoll, Collelo, TINYKVT, TrebleTina, Shmell, and Bass Temple.

'Distorted Dino' comes after the Estonia-based dubstep artist’s ‘Lil T-Rex EP,' released with Disciple Round Table in September. When asked to weigh in on the tune, Dinoshadix gives thought to the song name and the meaning behind it:

"This song sounds just like the name says - heavily distorted. Recently I have been very inspired by distortion and different harmonics it creates and this is how Distorted Dino was born.”

Dino Shadix's release with GRL GANG is a testament to her diverse sound and burgeoning recognition for her progressive take on the dubstep genre.

GRL GANG is an all-inclusive label and community that uplifts women and non-binary people within the dance music scene while giving them a platform to showcase their work.

DinoShadix’s ‘Distorted Dino’ and GRL GANG’s ‘Wreck the Halls’ compilation is available for streaming on all platforms on December 9th:


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