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PREMIERE: Felmax, SWTCH sharpen blades of bass w/ 'Last Shuriken'

Alongside 29 other tracks on Emengy's 'Bass Dreams Volume 4,' Last Shuriken is a heavy banger that quenches your thirst for dubstep.

Felmax teaches multiple production students and he says SWTCH is one that has been taking off recently.

Last Shuriken is a collab between Felmax and SWTCH, featuring the distinctive sound design of each artist. Released on Emengy's Bass Dreams Vol. 4 compilation, alongside 29 other tunes, our FBI agents uncovered the exclusive premiere of this brand new banger.

Building a signature and recognizable sound is the goal of every dubstep artist, and the combination of the two's sound design culminates in Last Shuriken.

Felmax is calling this tune one of his most unique to date, and said he's stoked about the release with the established Emengy family.

"This is most definitely one of my favorites and to be able to do it with the padawan, SWTCH, is an honor! I've been working with Julian for a while now and it's amazing to see his growth," Felmax said. "We started with a pretty intense sound design session and the song came into its own to be what you hear now. For me its truly one of my most unique songs and in its own space. "

With the recent release of his self-titled EP on Mersiv's MorFlo Records, SWTCH has been steadily making a name for himself in the scene. He told us how excited he was to release this track and to work with Felmax.

"Really stoked for this release! It was an honor to hop on this track with Felmax," SWTCH said. "We’re bringing the heat for you guys with this one!"

Last Shuriken is only the latest release from Felmax and SWTCH, and the future looks promising. With both producers releasing at a consistently high level, we are sure that the best is yet to come.

All 30 tracks on the Bass Dreams Vol. 4 release will be available for streaming on all platforms Friday, October 21.


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