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Ridley Slim releases the chaos with new track 'Mayhem' on Wastelvnd Records

Ridley Slim pulls no punches with his latest heavy banger.

Mayhem provides exactly what you expect from the title, a wild cacophony of sound that unleashes the mayhem upon your ears.

Ridley Slim has created another tearout banger that makes us want to rip apart the rail and headbang like crazy. We definitely expect to hear this one played out at festivals this year.

"Almost all of my dubstep tracks have a sort of dark or heavy feel to them", said Ridley Slim. "Producing this style is a way for me to express and expel some of the inner darkness that I sometimes deal with."

Formerly known as Yoda Popz, Denver-based producer Chris Foster now goes by Ridley Slim, and has been making quite a name for himself. With releases on labels such as Wicked Records, Imperial Network, and Rude Service, he consistently cranks out impressive music, especially considering he is a self-taught producer. Ridley Slim has played support for artists such as ATLiens, Tynan, and Eptic, and as he continues to grow the list does as well.

Make sure to keep an eye out for Ridley Slim in 2022, and maybe you'll see him in your city. Mayhem can be streamed on all platforms as of Wednesday, January 19th, 2022.

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