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Ruvlo disrupts the scene with debut EP, 'CHAOS,' on Kannibalen Records

With three heavy hitting tracks, including another massive collab with Crankdat, the next generation of sound design from Ruvlo packs a punch.

Constantly gaining traction in the scene with his releases and shows brimming with whalloping bass, Ruvlo's debut EP does not disappoint. The Chaos EP brings Ruvlo to a new level with his unique sound design shining throughout every track.

Never failing to pull up with stacks upon stacks of IDs, this EP is only a glimpse of what's to come from Ruvlo as he continues to evolve and master his craft.

Finally feeling ready to present this body of work, Ruvlo opened up about what went into the process of creating a body of work that he felt was worthy of a label such as Kannibalen Records, telling Dubstep FBI: