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SEVNN, astamoth release a bone-chiller called 'Demented'

Revisiting one of our longest FBI alums, SEVNN, who is making a name for himself emerging from the American underground.

Coming hot off the tails of Summoning of the Eclipse, we have riddim on the mind.

One of the first artists DUBSTEP FBI ever supported, back in its founding year of 2020, has just delivered the tune our broken souls crave.

SEVNN and tearout producer, astamoth, have teamed up to release Demented. It captures the darkest, gritty sides of riddim that can be enjoyed with the bone-chilling vibes of fall in October.

The song itself is a metaphor for the realities of dementia.

It switches tempos from 140 to 110 beats per minute, centering our what it's like to experience such an unstable state. Common symptoms of dementia include confusion and rapid mood changes. These tones are incorporated into the sounds within Demented as well.

"This alteration in tempo, while slower, doesn't diminish the haunting and somber atmosphere that permeates the music, capturing the enduring and unsettling essence of dementia's effects," SEVNN said.

Gritty metallics clang above the drop, while the transitions suck our souls into a cavernesque soundscape.

We first discovered SEVNN way back in 2020; he was just the 17th artist to be featured on our Riot Control Radio guest mix series. Since then, his production and brand have become nationwide, playing shows in several states and dropping collaborations alongside HAMRO, SQISHI and more.

Notably, he's performing back-to-back with STAYNS at Northern Invasion 2024, one of Montreal's biggest riddim events next year.

Astamoth is an upcoming tearout artist who is most notably known for his tune called Annoying Song Ass Repetitive Shit That Also Sucks, which dropped in 2021 on RIDDIM RECORDS.

He said that the distortion of Demented helps convey the intense emotions that embody a need to release anger into the world.

"Collaborating with SEVNN on this project was not only enjoyable but also a creatively unique experience," astamoth said. "We spent several days discussing ideas, and this wild concept was the result. It was a fantastic opportunity to work with him on this track."

We know you're looking for the next dark riddim banger to bump on your speakers. Blast Demented on loud now, out on all streaming platforms.


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