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The "Most Wanted List" of rising dubstep talent, presented by Dubstep FBI

A showcase of the producers who have caught the attention of the Filthy Beat Inspectors, updated every season.

Dubstep FBI's signature tagline, We are always listening, has been the basis for discovering the hardest and grimiest beats through the bass music scene.

The household staple names always make their mark time and time again, such as KAYZO, Bear Grillz, Illenium, and the likes; however, we are now deployed to inspect the up-and-coming scene of those who are still establishing themselves.

Our goal is to find those who have committed heinous crimes of murderous beats, tear-out carnage melodies and bass-face-inducing comas of fans. The producers who wow crowds and tell stories, while still growing their influence.

This is Dubstep FBI's "Most Wanted List" of those who we see huge potential in the coming years with their music and presence in bass music.



FBI Most Wanted Subject No. 4 is FOCUSS


Artist Name: Tyler Barton Location: Philadelphia

Featured track: Dawgs by FOCUSS

Artist Confession:

"My first label release was with Excision/Subsidia, and I have 3 thus far! He’s a huge inspiration behind a lot of my music!"

"My passion for music has never slowed in the slightest since I got into dance music 5+ years ago. I'm always inspired after hearing new songs and tunes done by close friends."


Twitter: focussofficial

Instagram: focussofficial

Soundcloud: @FOCUSSOfficial


FBI Most Wanted Subject No. 3 is M?STIC


Artist Name: Daniel Duran Location: Redlands, CA

Featured track: TRAPSTAR by M?STIC

Artist Confession:

"I created TRAPSTAR as a statement to myself and the entire Trap music scene," M?STIC said. "I’m here to stay no matter how much bass music is involved". I then teamed up with BLAQ VOID to release this shit. And then, let the record speak for itself as a flex of turning nothing into something. I didn’t get here by giving a fuck. So, being grateful is an understatement when it comes to haters and my fanbase."


Twitter: @soundsbymystic

Instagram: soundsbymystic

Soundcloud: soundsbymystic


FBI Most Wanted Subject No. 3 is JEANIE Mugshot:

Artist Name: JEANIE

Location: Los Angeles, California

Featured Track: Sugar, Honey, and Iced Tea- Bring Me the Horizon (JEANIE remix)

Artist Confession:

Bring Me The Horizon is one of my favorite bands of all time. I’ve been wanting to flip one of their tracks for a while, but no ideas ever really stuck. Once I heard “sugar honey ice & tea,” I knew it was the perfect track to put my own twist on.”

“My biggest inspiration to create music is my friends, shows, other artists, and the fans.”

Investigate JEANIE on socials:

Twitter: @jeaniesounds

Soundcloud: @JEANIEsounds

Instagram: @jeaniesounds


FBI Most Wanted Subject No. 2 is MIRR.IMG


Artist Name: MIRR.IMG, AKA Adam Benghiat

Location: Burbank, California

Featured Track: Live Your Life (Subsida)

Artist Confession:

"Most of my songs are inspired by anime. Almost every release I have, the vocal lines are ripped from my favorite shows. Live Your Life came from a Demon Slayer episode."

"Since my first festival in 2009, music has always been my escape. There’s a point in the creative process commonly referred to as the “flow state." This is where my mind becomes care-free and nothing else matters but the art."

Investigate MIRR.IMG on socials:

Instagram: @mirr.img

Soundcloud: Mirr.img

Twitter: @mirrimg


FBI Most Wanted Subject No. 1 is Codd Dubz


Artist Name: Codd Dubz, AKA

Location: New York

Featured Track: Take Down: Codd Dubz x Decimate x Bommer

Artist Confession:

“Decimate and I had a collab going, and then invited Bommer onto it since we’re both big fans of his music. We thought he’d be able to crush it with his techniques- and sure enough he did," Codd Dubz said. "I feel like that track has a little bit of all of our styles mixed into it.”

“I've always been really big into listening to music since I was super young, and I've always been pretty tech savvy with computers, so I kind of put the two together.”

Investigate him further on socials:

Instagram: @Codd_dubz

Soundcloud: Codd Dubz

Twitter: @Codd_Dubz


And that concludes Season 1 of Dubstep FBI's "Most Wanted" artist series. We want to give a big shout-out to all the artists featured. The team at Dubstep FBI looks forward to the rising talent that is constantly growing in the bass music scene. We will see you in the new year for Season 2 of the "Most Wanted" artist series.

Dubstep FBI's Most Wanted List is updated twice monthly. FBI Talent Scout Jaci is always on the listen and looking out for the Most Wanted artists.

Follow Dubstep FBI on socials:

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