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Vavn and Dyzphoria get wavy on their new EP 'Fuzion Dance'

Wave music is alive and well, and this EP proves it.

Denver-based producer Vavn and Vancouver-based producer Dyzphoria teamed up to bring us their four track, self-released wave EP titled Fuzion Dance.

These tracks have such a euphoric feeling to them. They're almost trance inducing, but are still sure to make you want to move. There's also a dark and edgy vibe to these songs that distinguish them within their own genre.

Vavn and Dyzphoria start off this EP strong with the title track Fuzion Dance. This track alternates between soft and strong moments, and with intense and catchy kicks, Fuzion Dance builds the energy from beginning to end.

This energy breezes through the rest of the EP. The standout track Benzodung3on even has a four on the floor bounce to it. Fuzion Dance successfully blurs the lines between wave and neighboring genres, making it something truly unique.

Vavn and Dyzphoria have continued to represented their niche proudly with this release. The wave scene carries a deep sense of comradery, which is reflected in collaborations like this.

"When Vavn and I linked up for the first time, we instantly became best friends," Dyzphoria shared. "The whole EP came together so quick and effortlessly. We were just vibing out, and it was some of the most fun I've had making music in a while."

Both Vavn and Dyzphoria played at Pantheon back in December of 2022. Taking place in Seattle, Pantheon was the largest wave music festival to ever be held in the United States. It was here where the world first got a taste of this EP.

"We debuted Fuzion Dance at Pantheon," Vavn said. "At that point I realized we had really done something special. I think Fuzion Dance is something fresh and unique to the wave scene, and I really hope people enjoy it."

The Fuzion Dance EP will undoubtedly soar in the wave community, and even beyond. We can only hope to see more collaborations between wave rockstars Vavn and Dyzphoria in the future.

Stream Fuzion Dance now on all platforms!


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