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VLCN, FelMax, and BLUPILL’s new collab will get your adrenaline racing

Rail Split is a turbulent new track that showcases the best of the three artists

VLCN, BLUPILL and FelMax have combined forces for their blistering collaboration, Rail Split, which just dropped today. Balancing each artist’s distinct and aggressively heavy style, the track is an overwhelming force of bass and hard-hitting dubstep. 

Rail Split has already earned well-deserved attention throughout the festival season from industry heavyweights like Excision, Riot Ten, LAYZ, and Jessica Audiffred. Despite this being the trio’s first collaboration, the musical chemistry is palpable, from the roaring bass to thrashing dubstep beats. 

FelMax expresses his enthusiasm for the track, stating:

"VLCN was a genius in bringing in BLUPILL, as he elevated the record tenfold! Rail Split is the culmination of our three sounds working together cohesively to bring you a certified rail breaker. Truly excited for this one to be out finally!"

BLUPILL, known for his unrestrained energy and vocal prowess, adds to the conversation,

"Everybody has anger inside... LET IT OUT! We too often bottle our emotions, and it leads to a worse mental state. RELEASE WHAT IS NOT FOR YOU! Let this song be that release for you.”

Hailing from Tampa Bay, VLCN has distinguished himself in the bass music realm through his masterful production style and gargantuan soundscapes, earning him tremendous support from the biggest names in the industry.

This year has yielded immense success for VLCN, boasting a remix of Illenium’s track, Starfall, in addition to his well-received sophomore EP, 'Galaxy Defense,' which features collaborations with LAYZ, Dubscribe, BLUPILL and AlienPark.

Venezuelan producer, FelMax, is a known powerhouse in EDM and continues to push the limits of bass music. Having earned support from the likes of Excision and Bear Grillz, in addition to collabs with LOUIEJAYXX, JEANIE and Riot Ten, Felmax’s proliferation in the dance music scene is nothing short of impressive.

His success can be attributed to his innate talent for music production and releases on well-known labels like Subsidia, Dim Mak, Rude Service, and others. 

BLUPILL is known for his tempestuous vocals and his proclaimed style of bass, referred to as ‘Drillstep.’ His innovative vocal style has made the rounds in bass music, gaining support from highly sought-after labels like DPMO, Subsidia, Dim Mak, Gud Vibrations, and Disciple, among many others.

With powerful collaborations featuring influential bass heavyweights such as Jessica Audiffred, Riot Ten, Bear Grillz, Benda, Codd Dubz, and others, BLUPILL is quickly establishing himself as a force to be reckoned with in the bass music scene.

Rail Split is available for streaming on all platforms:


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