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Banishing souls, YAKZ & JEANIE drop 'Return to Dust'

In their first collab, both artists pull grime into this riddimesque banger.

In a coalescing of sounds, YAKZ and JEANIE have created a track with dark and ominous builds.

Return to Dust launches into the main event of drops in spectacular fashion. Breaking away from JEANIE's signature style, the combination of JEANIE and YAKZ is stupendous and leaves us chomping at the bit for this new venture.

"The name comes from a magic card and I'm super into Magic," YAKZ said, referring to the popular tabletop game, Magic the Gathering.

As for JEANIE, she detailed that "it was fun to do something a little different than my usual style and I can't wait to play it out all summer long."

With numerous hit tracks under his belt, as well as multiple collabs with SVDDEN DEATH, YAKZ is no stranger to creating tracks that pack a punch and get crowds whipped into a frenzy.

He will be playing Forbidden Kingdom Music Festival in a b2b with Jiqui on Saturday, May 7, so if you're in the mood to get your face melted, we highly recommend attending their set.

For JEANIE, the release of Return to Dust comes fresh off her Bassrush EP Devil Dance. Continuing her forward momentum with this new track, she will also be playing Forbidden Kingdom Music Festival on Saturday May 7.

We hope that we will see YAKZ and JEANIE work together again in the future, as the result of the first endeavor was highly rewarding.

Rest assured, Dubstep FBI has their eyes on both artists, as they are highly deserving of being under investigation.

Return to Dust can now be listened to on all streaming platforms.


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