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YDG takes over as his viral remixes are played at Coachella

YDG is flipping tracks like Krabby Patties, transforming trending hits into the next level of experimental bass.

POV: Your fav viral hits are being wubified from the elite YDG.

As of late, YDG has been on a roll, spitting out the hottest remixes. From an IT GIRL remix blowing up with over 300,000 plays, to his latest rework of TikTok’s trending I Like The Way You Kiss Me, already pushing over 30,000 plays within the weekend of its release, these remixes are bound to be added to the queue and on repeat.

His remixes have even been going off at Coachella; more on that below.

YDG has been spicing up his production game, setting high expectations for the scene.

So far, YDG’s remix collection includes IT GIRL, Rich Baby Daddy, Diamond, You & Me (Flume Remix) and I Like the Way You Kiss Me.

He has other unreleased remixes in store such as, Seven Nation Army and Do I Wanna Know?, which have been teased in his sets and social media. These remixes have gotten an exceptional response from all around, emerging from the EDM community along with expanding into non-EDM markets with YDG's strong social media presence.

Here at Dubstep FBI, we knew these remixes needed to be given its recognition, so we decided to confront the mastermind himself, getting a deeper investigation of the work behind these godly remixes.

YDG shared a bit about what inspired him to start making this all.

"I had writer's block for a while and had a tough time coming up with new ideas," YDG said. "So, I decided, why not make it easy on myself and just make a remix of a song and have fun with it?"

Compared to his originals, YDG experimented with a heavier side, describing the style of these remixes as a vibey, wonky bass type of feel. Although differentiating from his usual, YDG has a few past releases with a similar style such as Evolution and Beserk.

These remixes have been making it into many set lists, including YDG’s personal favorite, You & Me. This remix has made it to the DoLaB stage at Coachella this past weekend, played out by the homegirl ALLEYCVT, and the classic, Gryffin.

Mainly, YDG revealed that he is truly just going with the flow, riding the remix wave and rediscovering a new fulfillment in music production. After his proven success with this series, we’re excited to see what YDG has in store with his next upcoming releases.

Remixes are available on SoundCloud and YouTube for a free download.


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