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Zomboy brings forth the apocalypse with new EP, 'Dead Man Walking' Pt. 1

Since launching Rott N' Roll Records in May, Zomboy has now graced us with his first EP - and it is a spicy one.

One of the legends of dubstep is back, and this time, his music tells the story of a man returning to an abandoned civilization.

As a multi-genre release, Dead Man Walking Pt. 1 showcases a new side of Zomboy with bass house, dubstep and more packed into the four-track EP. Featuring both Micah Martin and MUST DIE! on tracks, Zomboy has started down a new, blistering path.

Taking his career to the next level, Zomboy's tradition of releasing on Never Say Die came to an end with the label ceasing operations earlier in 2022. This led Zomboy to form Rott N' Roll Records, allowing him to showcase the full potential of his tracks and seek a new level.

"Nothing helps me write music more than creating a big theoretical concept to work toward," Zomboy said. "In my head, there is a deep underlying truth in this record, but for the sake of explanation… Dead Man Walking Pt.1 is the story of a man returning to a civilization he had once abandoned after helping them defeat a common enemy."

Hinting at another upcoming release with this EP being labeled "part one," Zomboy seems to be finding himself and creating music that is purely Zomboy. Now a label boss, the future of Rott N' Roll Records with Zomboy at its helm is limitless.

Dead Man Walking Pt. 1 can now be streamed on Spotify and all other streaming services.


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