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A 'Threat' has been detected: INF1N1TE, Mantik collab again

Their new slapper on Oxygen Records features 120 seconds of synth stabs, pounding sub-lines and floor-smashing drums.

Wake up babe, new INF1N1TE and Mantik just dropped. The song is called Threat and it's burning speakers now on OxyGen Records.

INF1N1TE has been around the dubstep block. In the past year alone, he's released a few EPs and too many singles to count. Now, he's back with a familiar friend, Mantik, whose collaborated with him before.

Eerie soundscapes paired with cyborg-like vocal samples capture the overall tone for this record.

The song starts out with an apocalyptic voice, "threat detected," it says. "FIRE!" Sniping bass hits the speaker as we envision raucous on the rail. The second drop features INF1N1TE's catchy, yet recognizable, pre-drop vocal "sike!" dropping into another relentless, yet banging, beat.

INF1N1TE is known for the song Body Count with Rico Act, that's garnered over 5 million Spotify streams since its release in 2019.

We recently saw both Mantik and INF1N1TE (who played) at the Grocery Boiz Desert Melee in Phoenix this past April. It was a homie fest all around and really re-ignited our spark for the underground dubstep culture.

Mantik said this song came to be rather quickly last fall, amidst his hiatus from the music industry as a whole

"Music had caused me a lot of mental strain and mental health issues," Mantik said. "However, Robbie happened to text me on a day I was at home with nothing to do. I told him we were writing the song that day and that was it. I had no desire to open Ableton and write a new song but he knew how to convince me."

INF1N1TE sent him the stems and a few hours later, Threat was written and finished.

This isn't their first time working together on a soundscape - in spring of 2022, the INF1N1TE x Mantik collab, WE'RE BACK, dropped on we are dejected. Earlier that year, Mantik dropped a remix of the song DOWN BAD by INF1N1TE and Yewz, which features an overall emo-punk, modern vibe with fast (almost UK-hardcore), bouncy drops.

OxyGen Records is a label with a mission of protecting the sounds of the future, according to its Instagram page. And while we don't know too much more, we'll have the eyes and ears of our agency dialed in for future details.

Overall, Threat comes just in the thick of festival season and this single is definitely a threat to speakers everywhere.


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