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Barely Alive and Kompany release their virulent collab 'T.O.A.D.' on Disciple Records

Kyle from Kompany and everyone's favorite evil toaster might be headed for a class action lawsuit after the neck damage this one is causing.

Barely Alive and Kompany both continued their aspirations of keeping chiropractors in business with an adventure in 80's dubstep on Disciple that has both producers' talents on display to the fullest extent.

This song has everything you could ask for in a collab from these two stalwarts of the heavy dubstep scene. We get an 80's themed intro, signature Barely Alive growls and sustains and all of the chunky basses and massive drums we've grown to know and love from Kompany.

The breakdown sections and instrumentals are exactly what have made Barely Alive such an important part of the scene. The musicality of the arrangements are truly something to behold.

Not only are the arrangements a work of art, but the drops are some of the heaviest you'll find in any track released this year so far. But you know that. Barely Alive has been doing that for the better part of a decade and Kompany has spent the much of that time doing the exact same thing.

It's not JUST that the drops are heavy. It's the manner that they're delivered in that makes it so impressive. The first drop is bouncy and upbeat while maintaining that aggression with some ridiculous growls, raucous sustains and some of the most booming drums you'll ever find in a track.

While the first drop is bouncy, we got the flip side with a very stompy second drop. The drums go to half time and the track instantly becomes one of the most mosh-able songs in all of dubstep.

You can hear this tune live on Barely Alive's Feel the Panic tour on one of the remaining 20 dates or on select stops of Subtronics' Antifractals tour with Kompany as support.

We highly recommend you check out T.O.A.D. as soon as possible.


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