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Bizo and Dr. Ushūu drop 'Bondyvoid' – your eardrums will thank you!

France's dynamic duo returns to Gud Vibrations with a neck-breaking dubstep delight.

If friendship had a bassline, it'd sound like 'Bondyvoid.' These buddies have taken their camaraderie to a whole new level, cooking up a tune that's all headbanging and no chill.

Starting off with melodic teases and video game nostalgia, it's like they're whispering, "Hey, get ready for the bassocalypse!"

When the beat drops, it's like you're getting the real doctor treatment.

"We’re so excited to finally put out Bondyvoid, and to have this track that took forever for us to wrap up, come out on Gud Vibrations," Dr. Ushūu said.

Robotic vocals and glitchy twists amp up the suspense, making you wonder if you're in for a bass massage or an audio ambush.

Then, just as you're getting comfortable, BAM! The track explodes into a bass face-inducing frenzy. Laser synths shooting like a space battle, bass hits hitting harder than Monday mornings, and growls so deep they make your grandma's voice sound like a choir boy's.

"We have both been good friends for ages and we wanted to make something that showed exactly that," said Bizo. "So we combined our styles in a track for our headbangers to go crazy with."

And incase you didn't already know – both Dr. Ushūu and Bizo did special mixes for our Riot Control Radio series.

Dr. Ushūu - Riot Control Radio 078

Bizo - Riot Control Radio 082

Bondyvoid is now on the loose, ready to wreak havoc on your speakers.


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