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BOOGIE T.RIO engulfs Red Rocks in a sold-out sea of sunset sounds

As the EDM kickoff to Red Rocks season, Boogie T, SoDown, Minnesota and friends showed us why their energy is unmatched.

From groovy vibes to grimy sounds, Boogie T's first Red Rocks headline show set the stage for 2022's outdoor electronic music calendar.

Live music brought the ravers together last night. From the saxophone sounds of SoDown to Khiva's rhyming vocals, we were brought an unforgettable night on the rocks.

Doors opened at 6 p.m., bringing long lines of concertgoers lined up the sides of the amphitheater. The opening sets were brought to us by Báwldy as the masses poured in. He was followed up by Khiva, who started spitting it just as the sky started darkening, rapping to a crowd of thousands.

BOOGIE T.RIO took the stage to sunset energy and jumped on the mic, automatically injecting feel-good vibes into the setting. This special performance drew nearly a full amphitheater of youth swinging about to the band's classics.

Frontman Boogie T was joined by the live talents of Andriu Yanovski on keys and synth and Frank Castro on drums. Captivating visuals, custom designed by Kooz, immediately helped tell the story behind each song.

The talented performance had us in an undeniable good mood as Boogie T made it a family affair, bringing his grandma out to the stage. They singed a song about family and she yelled in the crowd, spreading the high-energy bliss throughout the landscape.

About mid set, Boogie T yelled, "I hope you guys like trumpets!" and a trumpet player accompanied the experience for the rest of the night. Songs about Disco Moses and the Weed Man reverberated throughout the stage.

The T.RIO played their most recent release -- 3rd Coast EP -- that just dropped on Drama Club Recordings Friday, April 8.

The jamming didn't stop as Boogie T continued to capture the crowd. He told bits and pieces of stories, taking listeners deeper into the music with each song.

The hand-selected lineup of support from Minnesota, SoDown and more set the stage for an incredible headline set from the man himself, Boogie T.

Production that included CO2 and a full wall of four LED panels paired with the visuals from Kooz captured a unique tone that engaged all 9.5 thousand listeners of the night.

BOOGIE T.RIO's sunset performance was one that will live in our hearts forever, as it captured the good vibes we always seek on a night out.


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