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Chee defies the norm with latest EP 'Polarities'

The South African native shows exactly why he’s a “producer’s producer” with five intoxicating tunes.

Photo by @tessapaisan

Over the years, Chee has continuously solidified his status as one of the top talents in bass music with his captivating freeform sound. Hailing from South Africa’s capital of Pretoria, the accomplished bass producer is back with another release on Deadbeats, this time with a genre-bending EP titled Polarities.

Chee’s signature dark production and mind-boggling sound design shine through in every aspect of this project, beginning with the opening track The Wisp Song. A staple of his recent live performances, the track kicks off with a tantalizing series of video game-like sounds and culminates in a deep, hypnotizing drop sequence.

Photo by @jveronephoto

Act Like You Know, originally released as a single in December 2022, injects a jolt of heaviness that Chee has showcased previously on tracks like Vultures and Operator Bludgeoning. This track is a bombastic 120 BPM banger with an ominous intro that swells into a face-melting bass drop.

Spangled, another single previously released on Deadbeats, is an utterly addicting tune that puts a unique twist on the classic 140/deep dubstep sound. Teeming with low-end energy and flavor, this track combines slick bass stabs with expertly-placed vocal samples.

The EP’s first official single and penultimate track, Rusty Nickels, is yet another masterclass in sound design and mixing. The second drop of the track juxtaposes a glittery synth lead with a gritty bassline, a combination that encapsulates Chee’s signature ability to meld sounds from all across the sonic spectrum.

Photo by @tessapaisan

The EP’s closing track, Hold It, is a trippy halftime number reminiscent of Chee's earlier work on his 2017 EP Eddy Morphine. The track’s glitchy arrangement and mesmerizing melodies act as a fitting conclusion to another spectacular effort from one of bass music’s most compelling talents.

With this triumphant release, Chee proves yet again that he’s in a lane of his own in terms of both his ideas and his production.

If you’re itching to catch a live set from Chee, you can find him on tour supporting heavy dubstep giant Marauda for three consecutive nights in early May.

Stream Polarities now on all platforms.


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