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Crowsnest release their heaviest compilation of 2023 with 'Torture Torn'

Hold onto your butts...

Torture Torn is a 13 track compilation featuring the likes of Mantis, INHUMAN and more and is the first pure tearout and deathstep compilation from Crowsnest, out now on all platforms.

The compilation is a showcase for some of the craziest up and comers and some seasoned vets in the deathstep genre that did a fantastic job of showing what the future of tearout will look like.

Not only are the drops for of energy and heaviness, but the vocals from the likes of DEATHCHANNEL, BVLVNCE and Chris Luna only add the the energy and imagery of each record on the compilation.

One thing that is unique for this compilation are the epic orchestral scores and metal intros on most tracks, with a running theme of creating a full experience from :00 on each record to the end of each song, rather than just focusing on the drops in each song. The cohesive feel does a lot for this compilation and sets the stage for what Crowsnest have to come for the rest of 2023.

Stay tuned for further investigations into Crowsnest and INHUMAN...


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