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Cyclops makes Cyclops Recordings debut with his sizzling 'Code Red' EP

The Egg Man himself is back with four neck-snapping tracks.

Cyclops on Cyclops. Something about it just feels so right.

The Boston native is following up his most recent banger Egg Song with his brand-new Code Red EP. This project showcases his knack for weaving some of the strangest noises you’ve ever heard into absolutely devastating dubstep tuneage.

The EP marks Cyclops’s first release on Subtronics’s Cyclops Recordings imprint, which has housed plenty of classic bass singles and EPs since its inception in 2020.

"I've been talking to Subtronics about doing a "Cyclops On Cyclops" EP on the label for the past few years but now it's finally a reality," Cyclops said. "This EP is four of my favorite songs I've ever written."

Photo courtesy of Cyclops

The opening track Perceiver gets the EP off to a roaring start with three bone-crushing drops. The tune begins with an addicting arpeggio that sets the table for a stompy drop flow coupled with a deliciously crunchy sub bass.

The title track Code Red continues the breakneck pace of the EP with hard-hitting drum sections and chaotic sound design. The ominous synth lead in the intro and midsection breathes life into the song and creates an immersive listening experience.

Photo courtesy of Cyclops

Eye Candy is a vicious tune that features a murderous machine gun bass and an equally brutal snare. Easily the heaviest track on the EP, this one is a microcosm of how Cyclops's production skills have evolved over the course of his career.

The EP’s final track Soulless is a more minimal cut that focuses more on lower frequencies while still maintaining Cyclops’s signature heaviness. The sustain basses that rattle throughout the drop are some of the best sounds on the EP and demonstrate Cyclops's ability to create a perfect balance of tension and hype.

Photo courtesy of Cyclops

Code Red is a landmark moment in Cyclops's dubstep journey and sets the tone for a massive 2023. The rising producer will be touring all across the U.S. throughout the summer and will make his long-awaited Lost Lands debut in September.

Stream Code Red now on all platforms.


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