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Dack Janiels just dropped a 'Certified' hood classic

This is "real trap sh!t" mixed with twisted bass, and it's one of Dack's catchiest tunes yet.

Sometimes the craziest things are born unexpectedly.

That's exactly what happened to Dack Janiels as he was in the middle of writer's block. His latest release, Certified, was born unexpectedly.

This new single just dropped on Dack Janiels' imprint, 40oz Cult A record label and clothing company that's been releasing bombs since 2015.

If she doesn't know what the trapaholics era was, she's too young for you bro. And clearly, that era is so iconic that it recently inspired Dack to get creative.

"I made Certified while in the middle of a writer's block," Dack Janiels said. "I had been listening to a bunch of old mixtapes to try to get some inspiration, when I came up with the idea to throw in a bunch of trapaholics adlibs on top of a totally contrasting bass song."

This song is one of his heaviest and twisted creations to date and it's catchy as hell.

We recently ran into Dack Janiels at Forbidden Kingdom. We walked on the side of the Cyberian Stage, and there he was, begging to be arrested. So, we did our due diligence and decided to investigate further.

We're glad we have continued this investigation because our agents have come to the conclusion that Dack Janiels is due in Dubstep Court. We are issuing a citation for this new song, Certified.

You can catch him live at Apocalypse Fest and Nocturnal Wonderland.

Streaming now on all platforms.


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