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Denver's mysteriously masked artist, Carried Away, releases his latest melodic tune

'Arcane' engulfs us into a blissful utopia with hopeful lyrics and a healing tone.

Some songs just make you feel like everything is going to be OK. From the vocals to the melody and everything in between, some songs just make us heal.

That is exactly what the latest release from Denver-based artist, Carried Away, does through the blissful sound of Arcane.

He said the song was actually influenced by the unpredictable Denver weather patterns earlier this summer.

"I started Arcane earlier this summer, and the first half of the song was heavily influenced by the warm weather that we had in Denver," Carried Away said. "When trying to create the second half of the song, we experienced a few days of a Monsoon. They were some pretty violent storms, and had a big influence on my creative process."

The tone of this song quite literally carries us away with the wind, giving off a sense of calm and hopefulness.

Carried Away is known for his futuristic flip of Miss The Rage and his Rude Service single, Take Me, with SYSTEM KIDS.

"In the storm, I think I've found something Arcane," the lyrics sing. "Let's get Carried Away."

And while our investigators sometimes lean more heavy, this melodic creation has brought us a sense of internal, much-needed peace.


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