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DIESEL and Crankdat drop some HEAT on Monstercat

Headbangers beware: This track will melt your face off

DIESEL, also known as NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal, is back with a vengeance, teaming up with dubstep powerhouse Crankdat for their fiery new collaboration, 'HEAT,' out now on Monstercat. This blistering track serves as the second sneak peek into DIESEL's highly anticipated upcoming album, poised to dominate the summer festival season.

The track wastes no time in delivering an adrenaline-fueled assault, with pulsating frequencies and heart-pounding beats that beckon the crowd to join the chaos.

The chemistry between Crankdat and DIESEL is undeniable, and their deep-rooted friendship amplifies the intensity of 'HEAT.' Having collaborated for years, Crankdat's influence on DIESEL's evolution is unmistakable. Together, they have crafted an awe-inspiring display of studio prowess, leaving a lasting impact on listeners.

"Christian is one of those artists that make your head turn every time you hear their music," DIESEL said. "Working together on ‘HEAT’ was special. Releasing our record as a single and on my album with Monstercat just made sense and we’re pumped to finally get it out in the world."

Get ready to be engulfed in an inferno of pure HEAT as DIESEL and Crankdat ignite the stage with their explosive collaboration! Brace yourself for the scorching power they bring, and keep those ears primed for the upcoming firestorm that awaits on DIESEL's highly anticipated album.


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