FBI's 'Most Wanted' expands to all EDM sub-genres for Season 3

A fresh batch of talent is here, but this time, we sit down with artists outside of the dubstep scene.

Photo by Dru Cook.

The Filthy Beat Inspectors' signature tagline, We are always listening, has been the basis for discovering the hardest and grimiest beats through the bass music scene.

In Season 1, we put out warrants for Codd Dubz, MIRR.IMG, Jeanie, M?stic and FOCUSS. In Season 2, we explored up-and-coming female artists such as Zingara, Sharlitz Web and Sippy.

Now, we will continue finding those who have committed heinous crimes of filthy beats -- But this time, Season 3 will showcase uprising talent outside of the bass music scene.

This is Dubstep FBI's "Most Wanted List" of those who we see huge potential in the coming years with their music and presence in bass music.


Season 3 Subject No. 2: LUPA

LUPA has blessed the world with her unique techno tracks. She's made major waves in the short time she has spent in the scene and is now under our microscope to find out where she'll hit next!

EDM Sub-genre: Techno

Full Name: Liz Small

Location: Los Angeles, California

Featured Track: Wasting Time [Mau5trap, Salivation]

Artist Confession:

“I take a lot of inspiration from video games and tv shows. This song in particular, was actually inspired from the animated racing 90’s show Initial D. I had only ever played the arcade and Playstation games, so watching the show for the first time really fueled my creativity. I wanted to create a song that felt like racing through urban landscapes and thus Wasting Time was born."

On what her inspiration is:

"I take inspiration from many different sources, from the media I consume (books, film, video games, other music etc.) to real life experiences (travel, friends and family, live music, etc.). Though at the root of it all, is the innate desire to express myself through the act of artistic creation itself. Like most artists, I am sensitive and so the desire to share my thoughts and emotions is rather prevalent in my day-to-day, life. However, words often can’t explain some of these more complex feelings and so that is where I find my inspiration to create music."

Connect with LUPA on Socials:

Twitter: its_lupa

Instagram: lupamusic

Soundcloud: LUPA

Season 3 Subject No. 1: Hartshorn

As the first of our non-dubstep Most Wanted artists, Hartshorn brings a diverse happy hardcore sound to America.

He's recently performed at Basscon's wasteLAND in SoCal, Metrocon in Tampa and several other shows around the nation. With label releases on Electric Fox, Voodoo Panda, Teamwrk and other international imprints, Hartshorn's rise is one we will closely be watching.

EDM Sub-genre: Happy Hardcore

Full Name: Weston Hartshorn

Location: Denver, Colorado

Featured Track: Told You So [Electric Fox]

Artist Confession:

“The biggest drive for this style of track is the highly emotional vocals," Hartshorn said. "Something about happy hardcore that has always stuck with me for years is the constant emotional, sometimes even sad, vocals combined with an uplifting melody and that continues in my work."

On performing live at shows:

"The excitement of being on stage is hard to totally explain in words, but with each performance, helping those in the crowd escape their daily problems even for a bit of time with music is a warmth that drives every day."

"For the fans, the support you give has every bit that helped create where Hartshorn is today. I thank you, and we can only make it stronger."

Connect with Hartshorn on Socials:

Twitter: hartshorn

Instagram: hartshorn303

Soundcloud: hartshorn303


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