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FBI's 'Most Wanted' expands to all EDM sub-genres for Season 3

A fresh batch of talent is here, but this time, we sit down with artists outside of the dubstep scene.

Photo by Dru Cook.

The Filthy Beat Inspectors' signature tagline, We are always listening, has been the basis for discovering the hardest and grimiest beats through the bass music scene.

In Season 1, we put out warrants for Codd Dubz, MIRR.IMG, Jeanie, M?stic and FOCUSS. In Season 2, we explored up-and-coming female artists such as Zingara, Sharlitz Web and Sippy.

Now, we will continue finding those who have committed heinous crimes of filthy beats -- But this time, Season 3 will showcase uprising talent outside of the bass music scene.