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Faytal's 'The Last Bounce' snatches souls on Disciple Round Table

Dubstep FBI premieres this long-awaited banger off their Doomsday EP

From high-flown synths to upper-cut drops, Faytal's latest track titled The Last Bounce has us in a grimey state of bass. Their debut EP on Disciple Round Table symbolizes time over quarantine that dawned a new beginning in their production craft.

The full Doomsday EP drops on Friday, July 9 (pre-save here). While the track features heavy, classic Faytal, it also brings us an exciting twist that fans may not be accustomed to. They explore different lanes of production and have labeled this as their most rewarding work to date.

Faytal previously appeared on Disciple Round Table's Knights of the Round Table Vol. 4 with their track Stompin'. They have been supported by artists throughout bass music including HE$H, Calcium and Svdden Death, and have had releases with labels like Never Say Die and Buygore. We've even heard peeks of their IDs in previous mixes on Riot Control Radio.

“This EP came together over 7 months during quarantine. Being stuck in the house was frustrating, but it gave us the time to create more music than ever before," Faytal said.

"And without the pressure of making songs for shows, we were able to focus on one thing only: the craft. We took the time over quarantine to diversify and improve our sound so we can showcase our ability to do something new."

Cory Glover and Safiya Reyhan make up the duo's personalities. From Los Angeles, their aggressive music aims to be part of a destiny. Clean sound design and soul-snatching drops enable their production to transport listeners into a filthy hype.

"You will hear the heavy, classic Faytal you are accustomed to, but you will also hear us exploring different lanes and that is the most exciting part," they said. "We hope you enjoy it because it has some of our most rewarding work to date.”

The full Doomsday EP will be published on Friday, July 9 by Disciple Round Table on all streaming platforms. Pre-save the EP here.

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