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FBI Premiere: Listen to BLVNKSPVCE, HAMRO & SQISHI's 'Pump It Up' on Savage Society

The Three Stooges are loose, and we won't stop until they are captured.

blvnkspvce, hamro & sqishi

A triple threat. Three peas in a pod. The three blind mice.

Whatever you choose to call them, BLVNKSPVCE, HAMRO & SQISHI are a party.

Now, they've teamed up for one slamming collab on Savage Society. It's called Pump It Up, and it's premiering a day early on our channels before hitting international airwaves at midnight.

Fans will be receiving three mouthwatering tunes to complete The Stooges EP, released as a triple-collab project. And I must say, if it's good enough for the fabled label, it's good enough for you.

This release comes just three months ahead of the world debut of BLVNKSPVCE b2b HAMRO b2b SQISHI at Rampage Open Air in Belgium. It couldn't be better timed, as these artists are becoming international icons.

What's more of a story than that?

Well, we have the inside scoop.

stooges EP artwork

BLVNKSPVCE, HAMRO & SQISHI all have conflicting accounts of the events leading up to this collab.

Our agents are here to testify in court.

At approximately 10 p.m. on February 12, our agents uncovered a clip of HAMRO dropping Pump It Up at Northern Invasion during VUIIIGUR's set. We immediately started grilling him regarding the release date and what exactly this apparent "plate" was doing on airwaves.

“Honestly, making these tunes wasn’t fun at all," HAMRO said of the EP as a whole. "SQISHI kept screaming & knocking over his garbage can then proceeded to roll in the garbage… BLVNKSPVCE was too busy ordering IN-N-OUT animal style burgers with 4 patties while I, HAMRO, made all of PUMP IT UP."

hamro at apocalypse

HAMRO went on to say that this is the reason Pump It Up is the only good song on the EP. However, upon further investigation, we have documented conflicting accounts from the other two stooges.

BLVNKSPVCE claims that his manager, someone by the name of 'Milton,' made him include the other two names even though they did not contribute.

"Making this song and EP was physically exhausting and my back is in so much pain from carrying HAMRO and SQISHI through the whole process," BLVNKSPVCE said. "Also, shoutout Savage Society for giving us $100,000 to sign the EP.”


A label forking over $100,000 for a riddim EP is wild. But it just goes to prove that these three are what some may call "the real deal," and Savage Society was willing to invest.

At the end of the day, Pump It Up is a party song. And that's exactly why we see SQISHI's fingerprints all over it.

"Creative inspiration came from my brain," SQISHI said. "My thoughts on it are as follows: Three dumb friends with a dream embark on a journey into sound design for Pump It Up, emerging with an EP that SLAPS. If your bike tire goes flat, you got to Pump It Up." 

sqishi live

SQISHI is right, folks. If your bike tire goes flat just like your hopes and dreams, you should Pump It Up.

That's exactly why we are bringing you this very rare FBI premiere. Listen now before it drops everywhere at midnight and don't miss this legendary b3b debut at Rampage Open Air July 4-7, 2024 in Belgium.



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