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FBI PREMIERE: Nosphere resurrects the 70's with 'Disco Fuel'

We're doing the boot scootin' boogie at headquarters.

Nosphere is releasing his latest weapon of mass destruction, Disco Fuel. We have it a little bit early for your ears.

Disco Fuel is not quite what you'd expect when you see the name of the track. While it would imply a 70's themed disco leaning record, we get a trap banger from the stalwart of riddim from start to finish.

We are more used to the sounds of Snare Science or more recently, Punishment Prejudice and the beefy metallic riddim sounds, but this one has a refined feel that takes the production we love by Nosphere, but shifts it to an entirely different genre.

The intro drums announce the departure from the producer's usual sound, and it is a welcome change. The kicks are perfectly punchy, the sub rumbles—and most of all, the sustain bass is indeed bass face inducing. We get some sections that use many of the sounds we hear in Nosphere's more familiar riddim music, but repurposed as bass hits for trap.

Noshphere told us what he attempted to do with the song, and we think he executed it to the highest degree. Here's what the producer had to say about Disco Fuel.

"I tried to blur the lines between trap and dubstep with the contrasting sustains and stabby basses, Nosphere said. If I had to put it in a sentence, I'd say Disco Fuel is the perfect track to rage to."

Don't take our word for it, though. Listen for yourself down below.

Stay tuned for further investigations.


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