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FBI PREMIERE: Speed Shift kicks it into final drive with 'Low End Theory'

Start your engines...

Speed Shift is dropping one of the heaviest riddim tracks of the year with Low End Theory, we have an exclusive sneak peek at the new banger.

At the FBI, we are always looking for up-and-coming producers with their own unique signature styles. Speed Shift is one of those producers.

As the name would indicate, Low End Theory is a track that is stompy and high octane from beginning to end. Speed Shift told us a bit about his idea for the new track.

“This song started as a experimental sound design session which ended up inspiring the whole theme of the track. The crunchy bass sounds gave me the idea to write lyrics about low end through the eyes of the teacher, Speed Shift said. Speed Shift as a brand revolves around hot rods and racing, so I try to make everything sound mechanical to an extent, which led to the idea for the engine cover art. Take notes and pay attention to the heaviest theory of them all…”

We have the first listen of Low End Theory for you below.

Stay tuned for further investigations into Speed Shift.


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