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FBI PREMIERE: Voyager, Drophop abduct our eardrums with new slammer 'Area 51'

Aliens may or may not be at Area 51, but this track sure is.

Voyager and Drophop came together for an extraterrestrial adventure in heavy dubstep with Area 51, out tomorrow on all platforms. We have an exclusive sneak peek for you a few hours early.

The two Florida-based producers are rising stars in the central Florida area, and this track shows exactly why. The energy of this record is exactly what has made these two a mainstay in Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville and more.

Voyager and Drophop told us a little bit about what they were trying to execute with Area 51, which we think they did masterfully.

"We wanted to create a huge atmosphere that puts the listener into another world. Combining melodic elements such as the choir chant over the heavy dubstep basses allowed us to bring that idea to life, Voyager and Drophop said."

Area 51 starts with an eerie intro before heading into the buildup before all chaos breaks loose for the next three minutes. In the drops, you will find some of the filthiest and heaviest basses and growls anywhere in dubstep.

We were ready for our sneak peek into the secrets of Area 51 and as the FBI, give you security clearance to do the same. Enjoy the sneak peek into this record and as always— stay tuned for further investigation.


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