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Get your wallet out, CASH DUBZ is here to collect bills

His debut EP 'TRUE POWER' is a four-track collection of that classic 2014 dubstep sound we all loved


Meet Justin Cash, a.k.a. CASH DUBZ. Born and raised in the Bay Area of California, he is a self-taught artist and producer. In 2016 dubstep entered his life, and since then he has been heavily embedded in the California bass scene.

Inspired by some of the long-time heroes of the scene such as ZOMBOY and PhaseOne, his music slams with long gowls that instigate violent trigger fingers. His debut EP showcases this with TRUE POWER, MATRIX, UNDER ATTACK, and DEADZONE.

Jumping right into the title track TRUE POWER, you can already tell this track has that nostalgic 2014 dubstep sound. With a captivating intro and build-up, it primes you up and knocks you out into the drop. Those quarter-note crunches with filling elements tie it all together.

MATRIX is a flowy, heavy riddim track with some, quoting CASH DUBZ himself "cool long boys." With orchestral strings, female vocals, and dark tone accents, it's a certified high-knee stomper. The third track of the EP, UNDER ATTACK, Is a heavy driving sound that emulates what you would hear during an alien invasion.

Big driver noises, accompanying strings again, and a vocal sample "this is the end" is a surefire way to get trigger-happy with your gunfingers.

Dubstep FBI meme

DEADZONE is an original track by Stevie Rain, and CASH DUBZ has a remix. It is for sure the most aggressive and slamming track on the EP. If you love that metal vocal with slamming wide screams on the down-beats, this will do you just right.

A debut EP for CASH DUBZ, and quite the debut it is. You can listen to the four-track EP on all streaming platforms and find CASH DUBZ on all major social media platforms.

Follow CASH DUBZ as we have a keen investigation eye on him for future releases.


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