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GOAT SZN: JAWNS is back on Sable Valley

The clock says it's demon time...

Sable Valley legend JAWNS has returned with 2 new tracks. Needless to say, they f**king rip.

Menace and All Massive are the LA-based producer's first releases of the year. The man has clearly been cooking. These songs combine JAWNS' signature power-packed trap beats with a newer style, creating an unstoppable force through sound.

The first song on this release is appropriately titled Menace.

Putting together a filthy, twisted bassline with the defiant chant "tear the f**king club up," JAWNS really embodied the "scare the hoes music" ideology here. Whatever activities you want to do while listening to this track, I'll guess that they probably aren't legal.

"I've been listening to a lot of Ukrainian and Russian breakbeat and techno lately. Heavy and distorted beats. Music that would come on if you were being chased by dogs," JAWNS said. "I wanted to experiment with it myself and that's how I came up with Menace."

Photo by @bryan_portray

The second track, All Massive, starts off as a hardcore trap banger. In the second half, it switches up to give us some drum and bass action.

"All Massive" is the companion song for when you escape the dogs and find a warehouse to hide in. Come to find out, it's full of vampires." JAWNS said.

If you listened to JAWNS' Banned On the Radio mix, you may recognize these songs. Menace was the intro track, while All Massive was played later on.

This mix was originally supposed to play on a U.K radio station last year. After it was sent into the station to broadcast, it ultimately never aired due to too much "explicit/very contentious" language (whatever that means). It was posted on Soundcloud instead, and we all went crazy for it.

JAWNS b2b Montell2099 @ Hallloween XI, 10/27/22. Photo by @jaredtinetti

2022 was an exciting year to be a JAWNS fan. He had some wicked releases including the Last Resort EP (released on Deadbeats), a Nine Inch Nails edit and his drum and bass remix of Valentino Khan's Move It. He also played some major shows, including a set at EDC Las Vegas and a back-to-back with Montell2099 at RL Grime's iconic Halloween show.

Now, just a few months into 2023, JAWNS releases these two insane tracks. He also has two upcoming shows this month. One of these stops is TONIGHT (4/7/23) opening for Doctor P in Portland, and the other is a headline show in Denver on 4/21/23. Pull up if you're into the chaotic, sweaty stuff, or if you want to be freaked out in the best way possible.

We're all stoked to see what JAWNS has up his sleeve as the year progresses, because we know it's going to be wild.

Stream Menace and All Massive now on all platforms.


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