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Hopsteady carves new landscapes with multi-genre track, 'Wut U Know'

A multi-genre spread emerges from his creative enlightenment as Hopsteady drops a dynamic take twisting harder styles of bass.

From a futuristic build-up to an industrial trap break and a hard-phaser drop, Hopsteady's latest track, Wut U Know, blends styles into a multi-genre spread.

After a time of reflection, change and growth, Hopsteady has returned with this self release, solidifying his creative ability to produce catchy melodies and complex sounds.

With releases one Circus Records, Rude Service, Trap Nation, Welcome Records and even playing alongside Yultron for his Rave Prom show, Hopsteady has delivered on his musical reputation of diverse tones and beats that continue to propel him through the ever-changing music space.

"I wanted to produce something with minimal vibes in the breakdowns, but with harder drops and a harder dubstep sound fused with moombaton elements for the last drop," Hopsteady said.

Hailing from New Mexico since 2015, Hopsteady has a large portfolio of music production, receiving support from industry-dominate artists such as KAYZO, Nitti Gritti and Pixel Terror.

While his music lived on, Hopsteady disappeared to reflect and go on a creative exploration for new sounds. Creative breaks have become more common in the recent pandemic era, where we've seen producers step away and rediscover their passions and inspirations.

Emerging from this, Hopsteady presents to his fans The Seasons, a multi-genre musical experience that encompasses new and old listeners of his work through a continuously changing engagement of music.

Wut U Know is a prime highlight of this seasonally changing music style, and Hopsteady's future productions will likely bring forward-looking takes on a palette of bass music's subgenres.

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