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Jeanie unleashes filthy new track "Psychosis" on Space Yacht

We love to see the aggressive bangers come from powerhouse women in the scene, and Psychosis by Jeanie is no different. She came out swinging with a massive tune that immediately brought out our bass faces as we envisioned ourselves deep in the festival pit again one day.

Leading in with a catchy buildup, Jeanie raises the energy until unleashing a full-on slimey grime. In between a quick interlude, the 360 heat drops until it releases its grip and fades out at the end of this two-minute-16-second abduction.

"I made Psychosis one night after having writer’s block for a while and it’s definitely the result of a lot of pent-up aggression," she said. "It’s just the beginning of an even heavier era for me."

We love to hear that the heaviest is yet to come from this queen. Recently, Jeanie released the