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Teamwork makes the dream work: Jiqui, Space Wizard release collaborative EP 'Pathfinders'

New power unlocked: The Power of Friendship.

Jiqui and Space Wizard used the power of friendship to come together for a rare collaborative EP that showcased the range of sounds of both producers masterfully.

Entirely collaborative projects are a rarity in music, but some of the best projects in recent memory have been exactly that. A few that come to mind are niteharts by ISOxo and Knock2, Supersonic EP by Carbin and DirtySnatcha and the Head to Head Vol. 1 and Head to Head Vol. 2 EP's by Barely Alive and Virtual Riot.

This EP was no different and the multiple approaches to making music made this EP just as unique as you'd expect before listening to it.

The EP is a two track excursion through the sounds of both artists. KING OF TIME is a track that sounds like it is more heavily influenced by Jiqui and his sounds. It has Jiqui's signature bass sounds and the touches by Space Wizard were a little bit more subtle on this track.

On the flip side, NO REFUNDS feels more influenced by Space Wizard. Much of Space Wizard's music boils down to simplicity, much like Svdden Death. That songwriting style was on full display in NO REFUNDS, where the touches by Jiqui were more subtle on that track.

Jiqui told us he was excited to put out this EP after the built up hype for the long awaited opening track.

“‘KING OF TIME is one of those unreleased tracks that I get asked about all the time, so getting to put it out on this EP is really sick. I feel like both of these tracks are exactly what you’d expect from a Space Wizard and Jiqui collab.”

Space Wizard said he was excited to release these songs after having such a similar, yet unique creative process between the two of them.

"I really enjoy working with Jiqui because he is one of the only people who approaches music the way I do. It's a lot of fun creating and just letting ideas flow because we end up in the same place and get a really unique song. We sat on these for a while and made constant tweaks until we got two tracks we really think you will enjoy."

These two have been on a tear in 2023 so far, but this project will stand alone as the only collaborative project by both artists for the time being. We suggest you keep your eyes on these two.


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